A few questions from a slightly bewildered nextcloud user

Hi there,

I recently signed up for an ‘/e/ account’ with the /e/ foundation, and it turns out my account is really a nextcloud account according to the ‘help’ in the web app I use to access it. I’m actually a bit confused about just how this all works and was hoping someone could clarify things a bit.

My understanding of nextcloud is that it’s ‘self hosted’, so does this mean that my personal data is not being stored by nextcloud themselves? In which case where is it stored and by whom? My account’s URL is ‘ecloud.global’ so could it be them? But who is ‘ecloud.global’. There appears to be a company called that but I can’t find any useful info on them and if I visit ‘https://ecloud.global’ I just get asked to login to my account.

And what bits does nextcloud actually provide. I have email, ‘google drive’ style storage and, just recently, some really cool document editing apps called ‘onlyoffice’. I assume nextcloud doesn’t provide the only office stuff, but is there anything else in there they don’t provide? Or maybe nextcloud have licensed onlyoffice? Is the web app I use to access my nextcloud account also part of nextcloud? It says ‘RainLoop’ when I refresh it which throws yet another name into the mix…

Finally, I can’t seem to find any links to a privacy policy or anything like that - who ‘owns’ my data? I guess this depends on whose hosting my data?

Apologies for so many questions, but I am really liking my /e/ account would just like to know a bit more before doing something crazy like moving all my google data there! I have asked some of these questions at /e/ foundation in the past, but they don’t seem to have much to do with the /e/ account stuff and I haven’t got far. I think I’ll copy and paste this post to their forums too though.


Nextcloud does not host nexcloud clouds. It manage only the software.

https://ecloud.global is hosted from /e/ foundation on Hetzner Server


But you can move to another nextcloud hoster or host on your own if you like. You only must change nextcloud url, user and password.

With https://ecloud.global you must trust /e/ and Hetzner. But you can host it e.g. at home with a Pi and only trust yourself.