A few questions about the "oc_filecache" table

Hello, I have a few questions about the “oc_filecache” table:

  1. Is the “oc_filecache” table stored temporarily or permanently? Because the table name “filecache” makes me confused. I feel that it is the meaning of file cache, so I want to get an authoritative answer.

  2. May I ask if some files exist in the hard disk but do not exist in the “oc_filecache” table? If this happens, how should I recover and solve it?

It’s more a file index that keep track of all changes you do to files via Nextcloud. If you temper with the Nextcloud storage directly, there can be other files or some can be missing. For that reason you are not supposed to do that. If you like to be able to make manual changes as well, use external storage (can be a folder on the local file system as well).

With the occ command, you can recheck the filecache table with the actual files in the file system. However, it can mess up shares, linked files, …