504 timeout Nginx w/ Google Integration

I’m probably in the wrong section so please excuse if I am.
As the header states I get a 504 error using the Google migration app using Nginx. It’s a new install of both Nextcloud and Nginx following the guides.
I migrated calendars just fine. On contacts, of which I have over 1,800 it gets about 800 before I get a 504 error. Photos and Drive just sit there without downloading anything.
I realize this isn’t a Nextcloud specific topic but you guys are smart and the internet info about 504 errors is pretty scketchy.
Anyway thank for the help in advance.

I would do it manually. Can’t give you a step by step guide, because it’s been a while since I’ve done it. But basically all Google apps like calendar, contacts, photos etc have functionality to export or download data, which you then can import or upload to your Nextcloud.

You can export your calendars as ICS files, which then can be imported to your Nextcloud from the webUI. Contacts can be exported as Google CSV, Outlook CSV or vCard. Don’t remember which one is the best to import to Nextcloud, you will have to try…

The following should help you with the Google side of things…