503 Webdav error on just one app

I’m trying to get an android app to be able to access my account via webdav, however it keeps being given a 503 error, despite having the correct credentials.

I’ve filed a detailed bug repot here however I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas? I have a feeling that this may be related to this being an ownCloud install that I updated to NC without any other issues, but possibly there’s still some quirky Nginx config I need to update? All other webdav accessing apps are working perfectly (Dolphin, NC Android app, OC Desktop app etc)

I know it would be easy to point the finger at the app developer, howeverthey’re not getting permission denied or anything, just 503 errors… o.O

Just went through your bug report, it is strange that your webserver doesn’t log anything. Can you change the log-level to log more (or even run in debug mode)?
You don’t use a proxy or something that could return this error?