404 error in Android Sync Client when dismissed a Deck-Task


I am using Deck and Task on Android, that works well, until I dismissed a task with a timer via the notification bar.

Then I constantly get a 404 error on that entry.
The debug Message is this:


LocalTask=[eTag=null, fileName=card-311.ics, flags=1, scheduleTag=null, id=316, task=Task=[alarms=[], categories=[Handlung erforderlich, Warte auf Antwort, Zu überprüfen], classification=null, color=null, completedAt=COMPLETED:20210619T134358Z, createdAt=null, description=Ab 14.6., dtStart=null, due=DUE;TZID=Europe/Vienna:20210614T090001, duration=null, exDates=[], geoPosition=null, lastModified=1624110300531, location=null, organizer=null, percentComplete=100, priority=0, rDates=[], rRule=null, relatedTo=[RELATED-TO;RELTYPE=PARENT:deck-stack-34
], status=STATUS:COMPLETED, summary=WORKTASK, unknownProperties=[], url=null, sequence=1, uid=deck-card-311], taskList=at.bitfire.davdroid.resource.LocalTaskList@550fa86] 

So it looks like I need to dismiss that on a another plase too, where do I need to do that?

I have no solution for you but a hint: The endpoint you mentioned, https://share.DONMAIN/remote.php/dav/... is not called by the Deck Android app, so it is likely called by your tasks app.
The Deck Android app does not talk to the DAV endpoints at all, but use the Deck REST API.

Thanks for the Hint, I just unsubscribed the Deck:Tasks in the Calendar List in the DroidDav where that broken task was in, since then it’s silent.

This has happened to me and I am struggling to find the fault. My deck calendars synced before the latest update but now is failing to sync with 404 error.

I’m getting the same 404 sync error on Deck task list sync.

After updating nextcloud to the one before 22.2 this has fixed the issue. Not sure what the issue was in my configuration