3rd install. Which is the best and easiest way to install with OpenOffice?

So I’ve installed with snap. Worked great but mint installation kept crashing. I’d have to constantly reboot it.

I installed again with docker. Worked great in beginning. This install was a tutorial I found on installing own cloud with OpenOffice then installing nextcloud over it. I’m guessing the cert expired cause checking I can’t find it anywhere on the server now. I can only access it via http only and that’s not what I want. I’ve tried reinstalling a cert. Typical couldn’t bind to port 80. Killed the process. Cert installed fine but after reboot still can’t access https.

All the times I Google for instructions on this or that it’s never where people say files are located. Before Google’s algorithm updates I could find anything I needed and now I can’t find anything relevant. It’s like using duckduckgo.

So here I am. I want to reinstall it where it will automatically work as needed and not have extensive issues. I’d also like to be able to easily use libre or edit documents in there. I’m not installing anything else on the VM but that if it helps anything.

Whatever help I get is much appreciated.

choose one of the playbooks:

the differences:

  • baremetal (no docker, almost) based on carstens howto. see below.
  • dockerized
  • dockerized + some more app (joomla, wordpress,…)

or look at Carstens page. you’ll find a shell script there. or follow one of the howtos. and you know which files you’ve edited. :wink: