3D print enclosure

Does anyone know if there is a stl file or similar so we can 3d print our own version of the owncloud box enclosure. I bought one of the earlier enclosures from WD that is in vertical orientation but like the look of the new one which is more well box like lol


Cool idea.
Made a quick kind of mock up. Box is 152,5mm (6").

Have look and feel free to download and modify it.

I’m thinking of turning the pi upside down and get one of the left angle hdmi cable, so that we could get rid of one cut-out.

The original WD Labs case installation as PDF.

I don’t have a pi with hdd myself. So I also don’t have the WD Pi cable to measure it dimensions and modify the box accordingly.

Thanks for taking the time to do that, i’ve downloaded the fusion360 version so will give it a go. My modelling skills are limited so that’s a great base (pardon the pun) to start with.

Someone had mentioned the guy who did the origional design and to tweet him which i did but i never heard back.

Thanks Again

@jospoortvliet: is the design open source as well?

It’s a great idea to have some device designs available for anyone interested. Or alternative designs with two disks, …

It is! The Nextcloud Box designs should be on thingyverse or what the name of that 3D printing site is. We made them together with WD Labs which uploads stuff there.

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