360° player for mp3 folder

a NextCloud link for a single mp3, open the 360° AudioPlayer as player.

But if I open a NextCloud link to a folder containing a bunch of mp3s, and I click one of them, the audio is played “inline”, without any control.

It would be possible that clicking an audio file would open it in a new tab/window with the 360° player?




thank you for your feedback.
The issue here is, that the sharing screen (with many items) is basically a files app listing. in here, we can currently only register actions (which trigger the inline “one click play”).

I show the 360° player in the files app would involve a lot of tweaking of styles & js files. due to an integration and upgrade-stability point of view, this is not what we want to do currently.

If you want to share the Audio Player itself with its functionality, you can only do it via a separate user (and share the files with him). then you have the full integration


ok, I understand your point.

By the way, thanks a lot for the great app !!


@Rello’s explanation in the Audio Player wiki

then look forward to the next releases. we have quite some features coming :slight_smile: