3 small errors when i updated to 23.0.3 ( mariadb-fixed) (app-related fixed) (php-fpm fixed)

I just double update to 22.xxx6 and then to 23.0.3, and ran into small problems. I did fixed then, but in case others run into them, here my easy fixes

Nextcloud version _ 22.0x to 22.06 to 23.0.3
Operating system and version : Debian 11.2
Apache : 2.4.52
PHP version : 8.0.17

The issues:

  • Mariadb error after 23.0.3 update
mariadbd [ERROR] InnoDB: Clustered record for sec rec not found index `fs_mtime` of table `nextDB`.`oc_filecache`

did fix them by:

SET GLOBAL innodb_change_buffering=none;
ALTER TABLE oc_filecache FORCE;
  • App related error: DefaultGroup

During upgrade, i had warnings about one app not supported by NC23…and i believed the webupdater would take care of her. He did not… After update to NC23, accessing to the administration section trigger an error.
Nc log gave:
/index.php/settings/user","message":"Could not resolve OCA\\DefaultGroup\\Settings\\AdminSection

Easy fix by deleting TWO apps related to each other:

  1. DefaultGroup

  2. Default group quota

  • NC23.0.3 PHP-FPM related errors.

Although i don’t use opcache in my NC config ( everything cache related managed by redis ),
i had to alter my /etc/php/8.0/php-fpm/php.ini to fix the warnings.
Here the value i used on alternate servers who actually fixed the php warning of NC23

; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled

; Determines if Zend OPCache is enabled for the CLI version of PHP

; The OPcache shared memory storage size.

; The amount of memory for interned strings in Mbytes.

; The maximum number of keys (scripts) in the OPcache hash table.
; Only numbers between 200 and 1000000 are allowed.

; The maximum percentage of "wasted" memory until a restart is scheduled.

Don’t forget to restart phpx.x-fpm and apache2

In case it would help…