3 errors after update


After a succesful Nextcloud update, I’ve got these 3 errors:

  • Data folder is not valid
  • Make sure “oc.data” is present in the root directory
  • Your data directory is not writeable

Could someone help me on this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Stefan.

It’s difficult to offer detailed advice without more information. But it sounds to me like Nextcloud can’t access your data directory, possibly because:

  1. the data directory is missing (e.g it’s on a volume that isn’t connected or mounted), or
  2. Nextcloud is looking in the wrong place for it, or
  3. Nextcloud doesn’t have the right permissions to it.

So I would check each of those things in turn.

Re: 2

The location of the data directory is set in the main Nextcloud config file i.e. nextcloud/config/config.php in your Nextcloud install directory; see the line

'datadirectory' => '/path/to/nc_data_dir',

(…wherever “/path/to/nc_data_dir” is for you)

Re: 3

The Nextcloud data directory needs to be both readable and writeable by the webserver user/application. My OS is Ubuntu (Linux), and my webserver is Apache. So for me, this means the data directory is owned by (and grouped by) “www-data” i.e.

# If I run:
ls -ld /path/to/nc_data_dir
# ...the output looks like:
drwx------ 9 www-data www-data 16 Jan  8 10:11 /path/to/nc_data_dir

I hope that helps; best of luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @t-cubed! :smile: