3.0RC1 Auto Upload regression test fails

The 3.0RC1 Auto Upload regression test fails.

The setting of “only upload while charging” is ignored, it starts to upload immediatly when connected to wifi.

Cc @mario @tobiasKaminsky

@timmersr This can only happen if you have 100% battery. Do you?

Also what Android version? :slight_smile:

That’s still a bug.

No, not 100% charged. All photos are transferred immediatly. Android 7.1.1 (Samsung Note8)

I also see the auto upload only with wifi don’t work, upload all the time, not matter if the wifi it’s connected or not

@tobiasKaminsky @Andy any of you can confirm this? Because nothing was changed in this regard.

You can see a small screen recorder, auto upload 5 minutes after I take a pictures

@mario just tested latest master and can confirm that it is ignoring the wifi setting. Activated wifi only, disconnected from wifi network, took a picture, get uploaded via cellular. :confused:

Nobody touched that code, so itćs strange. Will check.

I know, weird :confused:

Hi,I test all the morning the new 3.0RC2.
I see a problems with the pictures automatic upload only via wifi
If take a picture with the wifi on, upload it, arround 10 minuts after take it.
If I take the picture with data on, but wifi off, don’t upload, right. But when I connect to wifi don’t upload automatic.
and the app text waiting for wifi
if I forced the upload, press it,works fine

After, I take more pictures with the wifi on, an upload it, but don’t upload the previously picture.

The stable version 3.0 upload right


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Thanks for the feedback @Ricard - we did indeed ship a fix for this issues with the latest RC and stable :slight_smile: