2FA-nextcloud-app for OATH-TOTP token needed


at our school, we are using Feitian OTP c200 tokens (Unsere OTP Token von FEITIAN) for 2FA to login to our digital class-register.

I would like to use 2FA with these tokens also in Nextcloud. But it seems that this is not possible, because the existing 2FA-apps are only supporting 2FA for U2F (USB-Token) or TOTP with Google-Authenticator-App.

We can’t force the teachers to install an app on their private smartphones, and it is not practically to have another token for nextcloud.

So it would be great if there would be a possibility to use the existing tokens with nextcloud.

Who has a solution for the problem or who can help?

FYI: The Two-Factor TOTP Provider app can be used with all kind of different OTP providers and not only Google Authenticator as you can see here.