2FA/MFA/OTP - use own private key for HW token

is possible to add own OTP token private key?

I have this nonprogrammable https://www.token2.com/shop/product/token2-otpc-n1-otp-display-card-nonprogrammable- token.
I do not see any settings for use own key.

Is it possible to change the MFA code directly in the database?

For example https://www.privacyidea.org/ support own key for token.


no, you can’t do this. This app is purely about TOTP.

You may open a feature request at https://github.com/nextcloud/twofactor_totp/issues, but we don’t have any current plans to support this.


Hi @ChristophWurst ,
my HW token is TOTP. But it has TOTP key read-only programmed from factory. So I need to enter hw token key to nexcloud, no nextcloud key to token.

Is possible to change the TOTP code directly in the database?

No because it’s encrypted.

Is it possible to encrypt TOTP key manually and change it in database?

Somewhere there must be a key that is used for encryption.

See https://github.com/nextcloud/twofactor_totp/blob/43e2d417926ea6265e3ec58ec60309e9a8852909/lib/Service/Totp.php#L96

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