2FA Implementation / 9.1 Features

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In my understanding, we will fork ownCloud 9.0 - and - go on with independent development.
What will happen to the features like 2FA and all the other new Features?
Will we integrate them directly (from the Pulls) - or what is the plan?

While we most likely will first publish a Nextcloud 9 release but we will very soon after that release another version incorporating the 9.1 changes.

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…will we go on as this in the future or will we get an absolutely independent roadmap soon?

We still haven’t discussed this in detail. We can likely share more information in detail about this end of next week as the Nextcloud GmbH will have a week long kick-off meeting :wink:



please consider to support Yubikey (Link)
The Yubikey-Dev-Stuff (Link)

2FA is only a Backend for 2 Factor Authentification :wink: This means, that you can simply add any kind of protocol (Google Auth, Yubikey, SMS, …) you want by developing an app for that.

Just dropping https://github.com/Yubico/php-u2flib-server/graphs/contributors here :wink:

So yes. It’s on my radar as I use U2F as well :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone here hadn’t heard yet and cares, Yubikey isn’t open source any more. Make of that what you will.

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Yubico isn’t the only manufacturer of U2F authenticators. U2F is an open standard that can be implemented by anyone - the full spec is available for free from the FIDO Alliance.

I’m not aware of any open source hardware implementation of U2F (yet), but the vast majority of computers and phones have non-free hardware/firmware too.

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I have seen the beta announcement: https://nextcloud.com/beta-of-nextcloud-10-with-two-factor-authentication-improved-federation-and-more/

Is it already possible to use U2F authenticators? I’d like to test this with my Yubikey… A suitable provider implementation is still missing (?): https://statuscode.ch/2016/06/nextcloud-two-factor-bruteforce-and-more/

One of the only open hardware implementations afaik: