2FA : can't select "Backup_code" challenge


I am facing an issue as I lost my phone with 2FA codes.

But, I do have the Backup_codes !

Issue is that my nextcloud instance does not offer me the choice to use my Backup_codes.

My next cloud instance is here : https://coffre.renaudie.fr

When I entered my User_Id and Password, it asks me for TOTP as a challenge but does not show me the possibility to opt for the “Backup_codes” challenge, so I have nowhere to use my backup_codes.

I tried to access manually https://coffre.renaudie.fr/index.php/login/challenge/backup_codes but it only redirects me to /index.php/login/selectchalenge .

I do not know where and how to access console, and I do not know where in FTP files I could get rid of this issue.

Would you please be kind helping me ?

Thanks a lot for your support,

Ok !

Found a workaround accessing phpMyAdmin.

In [oc_twofactor_providers] tables, change 0 to 1 to enable “backup_codes” and change 1 to 0 to disable “totp”