23.0 Public Share Link returns File Not Found


Public file sharing links from update 22.2.3 and 23.0 returns File Not Found.
Please, have you somes ideas…


If it comes with an update (and was working before), feel free to directly submit a bug report: github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

Hi Juste, am getting same issue after update, please let me know if you managed to solve this, have reported bug but not getting any response,

Hi Santosh,

It is now ok. Thank you very much.


Hi Juste, can you share the steps you followed to solve this issue

Hi Santosh,

In my case I realized that all links that did not work were created by a user who was deleted. So I command line reassigned the files to an administrator to fix problem.

Hello, may you explain more details how you reassign?