2 gb dateien beschneidung seit nextcloud 15.0.4

hilfe hilfe
ich hab update gefahren nc 15.0.4 von 15.0.2
war auch alles gut … zuerst
jetzt sind aber alle dateien die grösser waren als 2 gb
auf 2 gb runtergeschnitten worden
hilfe hilfe

I’ve never heard that Nextcloud resize files to 2GB because it primarily provides an access
layer to the file system. More likely you’re running in a Linux server limitation as e.g. described

thanks for the info … I will continue to look for my mistake in the direction … funny is that the flowuploader works … as soon as I move the file (larger 2gb) from the flowuploader or copy the new file is set immediately … I used a video … where the rest of the new file then even up to the 2gb limit is functional … I have not even experienced something like that