2 Email sent when pasword protected?

Hi All,

I’m using nextcloud 12.0.4 and i was wondering why when i select an email to share a link with, the recipient receive 2 email:
The first one contain the Link
The second one contain the password

Is it normal ? If yes why ?

Thanks for the help !

hi, yes it’s normal
why ? i don’t know

Yes it is normal, feel that there should only be one email!

I’ve found in an older topics that it is for security.
It make sense that you don’t want to have them both in the same email if it gets intercepted by crawling bot or other things…

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Better yet, turn off the option to email the password, and send it through another channel like text or over the phone.

Yeah it is one more step that we don’t want X)

Yea, I agree text to phone no sure if i like that. I’d rather deal with two emails.

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Yep, it all comes down to where you want to be on this scale:

Security ----------x-------------- Convenience

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