2 different spreedme categories here?

confusing me a little bit :wink:

The first one ist filed under apps, the second one under support…

…but your right. It’s a litle bit confusing,

Can’t they symlink it instead?

You could think of a different use of both categories:

  • support/spreedme for questions, help or problems you face during using the app
  • apps/spreedme for ideas, suggestions and general discussions about the app

But it’s true, that there is no clear border between them (possible) so far and the apps/ folders generally are used nearly similar to support/apps or just support so far ;).

Could be a solution to move the suggested use of apps/appname to i.e. dev/appname and/or feature/appname (or use the already combined app folders there to reduce the number of categories) and make support/appname to the first place to go for everyone that is facing questions or problems during use. As the support category is already the most crowded one, putting separated app categories inside could also help to sort this a bid.

What i mean with symlink is that one and the same category can be a subcategory of many different main categories, like the category system of Wordpress or Wikipedia.

That sounds also like a good solution, as long as all related subcategories are used anyway the same way :).