2-byte fonts are no longer displayed in Collabora online

Collabola Online Writer can no longer display 2-byte fonts. *I’m Japansese.
Depending on the file, there may be blank data even if English characters are mixed. There are also data for the Japanese characters that are blank or 1-byte alternative characters.
There was no problem until last weekend.

When I try to download with FTP client application, it fails with “There is a problem with reading with UTF-8”.

This problem is only for Collabora/Office files.
There are no problems with text and md files, and 2-byte fonts can be displayed.


Restart below

  • server
  • mariadb
  • loolwsd
  • redis

The following command execution

  • fc-cache -fv
  • occ files:scan --all
  • occ maintenance:repair

Is there a recovery method?

CentOS7.7, PHP 7.3.11, Redis 5.0.7, MariaDB 10.2.29, nginx 1.14.2, Gollabora Online NC app 3.4.4, Collabora LOOLWSD 4.0.8, LOKit Collabora Office 6.0-29

I was able to resolve myself.
I recovered by running “yum reinstall CODE-brand loolwsd”.

But what’s scary is that I don’t know why the problem occurred.