2 Bugs | Nextcloud Hub 7 Files App

I understand the files app was completely rewritten for Hub 7. I really like it. It’s faster, smoother and more visually appealing. Great job devs! However, there are two things that appear to have broke.

  1. Show Folder Description does not work. When I click, New, then Add Description, it adds the readme.md, but it does not display in the top panel area above the files. I checked file settings and show folder description is checked.

  2. Also, noticed the drop files is broken. I can no longer drag and drop files onto the browser window to upload them.

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It works for me.
Did you reload the page after creating the Readme.md?
(Ctrl + Shift + R in Chrome browser)

Much luck,

Doesn’t work, but that’s way to much of a pain to force an entire refresh just to show the file description. Up until Hub 7, this always just worked

Also when I click on a folder that already has a readme.md, it does not display the file info in the top panel above the files. As a workaround I can click the readme.md to view it, but that’s an unnecessary extra step. I hope this gets fixed.

Fortunately drag and drop fixed in 28.0…1. However, sadly the file description is still broken forcing me to click the readme to view it.

Where would I officially file this bug?