1Password with NextCloud?

So now that Dropbox has killed itself for many of us by limiting the number of devices that can be linked to non paying accounts, I’m looking for a Dropbox replacement for our organization.

We use 1Password and need to be able to especially use something like NextCloud for that. Does 1Password work “out of the box” with NextCloud or is some additional work required to make it sync up properly?

ummm… maybe you wanna have a look at apps.nextcloud.com? afaik there’s no app for 1password which would mean that someone (maybe you?) would need to make an app for it.

or maybe there’s a way to transfer your data to the already existing passwords-app which works wonderfully and is well maintained.

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Will only use 1Password so any other app’s not an option for us.

I’m curious as to why we need an app when it should just sync to a folder that’s pointed to in 1PW? Is there something special about an “app” (in the NextCloud context) that makes this necessary @JimmyKater?

i am completely unaware of the benefits of 1pw and/or how it’s used (or how YOU guys use it). i just checked and it seemed to be a normal passwort-manager. so i came up with the idea of comparing it with the already existing password-managers here (also there is/was an app for keeweb)

you could try that, of course. there are free demos available on the net (i’d provide you with a link if you don’t find it in the forum)… or maybe you wanna setup a vm quickly and try it yourself?
but usually - to have the same benefits as any softwarebased solution - you’d need an app. but then again, it depends upon YOUR usage.

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There is not a NC app for 1Password, and I doubt there ever will be. 1Password is a closed source app and the company behind it barely cares about anything outside of it’s currently supported clients (I’ve been asking for a Linux client for years). However, you can manually sync the password vault using Nextcloud and the Group Folder NC app, but doing this it a little bit problematic and the vault won’t be available to the mobile app since 1Password only supports Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive for automatic vault syncing.

The best option for sharing passwords via 1Password amoungst various people is to subscribe to the 1Password for Teams product they have. This option also makes 1Password accessible to Linux users since the subscription account has a web client.

If you aren’t tied to 1Password and just want a password manager I know that Enpass has a NC app and maybe Bitwarden.

Thanks guys. I was hoping for a drop-in replacement for Dropbox in this situation. I guess I’ll keep looking and thinking here.

@JimmyKater regarding the passwords-app, are there apps for iOS yet that sync up and allow insertion into Safari et al? Likewise is there a Safari extension available for desktop browsers? Is there a macOS menubar app that will allow overall management and quick interaction like 1PW? From what I’m seeing it doesn’t seem like these options are available yet, otherwise this could be an option. :cold_sweat:

Enpass has macOS and iOS apps and supports storing the vaults in NC. Though I don’t know if it does a menubar applet, I haven’t played with it in a long time.


Is open source and you can self host the server or sync with bitwarden service.


Or Bitwarden_rs https://github.com/dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs because it’s not so heavy.


would you please answer these questions?

If you just want 1password to manage your nextcloud passwords, yes, they can do it. 1password provides browser extensions (and os apps) to auto-fill usernames and passwords into websites for you. It works for many websites, and it should work for nextcloud too.

As for syncing, 1password uses their own servers to store and sync your passwords, Dropbox or nextcloud or other cloud storage is not required for 1password to function. If 1password provides a way to make exports and backup, then yes, these exported files can be synced with nextcloud like any other files.

Just in case, if you’re syncing a certain program settings file/folder of 1password and it works with Dropbox, then it should also work with nextcloud. But then this is probably not a supported use of 1password.

Personally, I use bitwarden as a password manager, and it has been autofilling credentials on nextcloud as it has been on other websites.

Since you’d know best about your needs and requirements, it would be a good idea to test everything you want to do with nextcloud and 1password with the free 1-hour demo of nextcloud

There are currently no apps for macOS, iOS or Safari. I personally do not have any plans to create these apps as i do not have the resources and knowledge to do so.

Dapers mobile app may work on iOS, but i do not know the current status (see this ticket).

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I didn’t read all the posts, but I’d recommend Bitwarden which is included in the Nextcloud VM

It’s self-hosted, open-source, and all that. A great choice!

More info here: https://bitwarden.com/