19.0.4 to 19.0.6 upgrade. "The following extra files have been found: 'BLANK' "

Hello all,

I’ve tried to use the web based updater to go from 19.0.4 to 19.0.6 and I’m stuck with the following output…

I also checked updater.log

I’m unable to work out what needs removing to let the updater run; other threads refer to files which need to be removed, but my list is empty.

Is there a way to see what the upgrade script has seen?

Kind regards

Nextcloud version : 19.0.4
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 18.04
nginx version : 1.14.0
PHP version : 7.2.24

There was a way to retrigger the search. Not sure what happened here, are you sure that you don’t have a file that only consist of spaces or tabs?

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.ocdata is at the root and blank, but removing that file from the root, doesn’t appear to change anything.

No, I was talking of the filename not the content. The .ocdata is needed so Nextcloud knows it is the data folder (and e.g. an external disk was not unmounted).

Thank you tflidd, apologies for the delay in responding.

No the files at root all have their standard file names.

What are these green empty boxes? And why have they all different old dates?

I’ve obfuscated the username folders and the username of my local admin account.

Ah ok, that’s your data folder. What about the main Nextcloud folder where the code is?

OK I see, apologies my mistake… yes there does appear to be a filename called, well, nothing :slight_smile:

this is in ‘/usr/share/nginx/nextcloud’ for me.

file removed, and we’re on our way… Thank you kind stranger.