19.0.13 to 20.0.12 upgrade issue


I did an upgrade this week from version 19.0.13 to version 20.0.12 from the web gui.

Once the upgrade was done, I got this message

files_lock (incompatible), user_saml (incompatible)

I rollbacked the upgrade with my snapshot.

Any idea why I got this message for these two apps ?


user_saml: Update of User_saml app breaks user_saml · Issue #477 · nextcloud/user_saml · GitHub

Thanks for the reply, I’ve checked our actual saml version and it’s already more recent thant the one proposed in issue #477

  • user_saml: 3.2.3

It seems v3.3.5 is the last recent version for Nextcloud version 20.
(this line will be checked during the update process).