18.0.1 upgrade failure

Hello , I had 17.0.2 installed and upgraded to 17.0.3 from the nextcloud admin page. I tried to upgrade to 18.0.1, by copying the new files to /var/www/nextcloud. Refreshed the main page and was prompted to continue with the upgrade and received the error message shown above. I tried to search in this forum and only found a similar problem but was for the Beta. This happened to me with the release version. Any ideas on why this occured?

Also afterwards I attempted to restore my 17.0.3 version. But now I get the next error message on below. Where would the relevant server log reside on my server?


You said you copied the new version on top of the old. Did you save the config.php? Did you run the command
sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

Did you read


Anybody knows why docs.nextcloud.com is often out of service ?

It’s a real pain…

It works for me, and you are hitchhiking another thread.

I was able to fix the problem following https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/18265.
NC 18.0.1 does start. All my data is present and CODE and OnlyOffice are still working. My installation of Talk was not present.

When I try to open the App Store page or Users page from the upper right the pages are blank. I could not find this issue anywhere. Any suggestions?