(16) duplicate email reminders in 3 minutes -- to each attendee. Any idea why?

We had a calender event set up with about 10 people.

The meeting had an email reminder set for 15 minutes before meeting.

15 minutes before meeting the first email notification went out to all 10 people. Over the next 3 minutes, 15 more emails went out to each attendee - until the meeting organizer disabled reminders/notifications.

Any idea what would cause this?

To be able to narrow down the problem, it is always worth to know on which environment you’re running your Nextcloud, which software and app version you’re using etc.

It might be possible that this problem has already been addressed here:

@j-ed of course… sorry about that.

Environment details:

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Nextcloud Version: 18.0.4
Calendar Version: 2.0.4
Notifications for calendar event updates version: 1.0.2

Background jobs: CRON (every 5 min)
Email settings: SMTP with SSL/TLS

@j-ed Noticed that neither of the two bugs listed above seem to have been addressed or even acknowledged/triaged yet? “Calendar” for meetings/scheduling seems like it should be major core app for NC to keep an eye on. Strange. I wish I knew how to help fix it myself. Anyway thanks for digging those two up for me.

I’m also affected by this issue. I didn’t read about this issue yet. Seems there are not so many persons using this feature?
Did someone find a workaround for this issue?