[16.0.4] Seeing other Contacts/Users

If a user clicks on the contacts icon, all other users or contacts are visible. This is in terms of privacy a nightmare and i think this against GDPR.

I found one other thread about this issue here, but i can’t find a solution. To us, this be a show stopper.

Update to Version 17.x is planned.

Any ideas?


Besides your point but to amuse one…

Apparently, a false friend like many others between DE and EN.

(informal) be a showstopper
DE: Furore machen

showstopper | ˈʃəʊstɒpə |
noun informal
1 a song or other performance receiving prolonged applause from the audience: he wants every scene to be a showstopper.
something that is striking or has great popular appeal: the brilliant orange flowers against the bronze-green foliage were a showstopper.
2 an obstacle to further progress: the subsidy limits proved to be a showstopper for other senior Democrats who refused to pass the bill with such restrictions.
Computing a bug that needs to be fixed before a piece of software can be used or released: there were several last minute showstoppers that derailed the Beta 2 rollout.

Computer nerds seem to ignore West End (GB) and Broadway (US), I guess.

California and New York are quite apart, anyway.

Please accept my apologies for the off-topic contribution.

As a company using Nextcloud, I would recommend you to get in touch with Nextcloud GmbH and ask for their support enterprise support on this. Most likely they will be able to help you on this.

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i found a kind of solution… --> Restrict the list of visible contacts to a group to members of this group

hope this helps


Thanks, this solved the issue!

It’s quite usual to say “this is a showstopper”.

Quite debatable in my eyes and please try to be more correct:


IMHO this is not against GDPR and to the opposite it is your responsibility to explain what your effort is related to privacy of your client’s and/or user’s data.

Nextcloud GmbH Marketing may heavily advertise something like GDPR conformity but in my eyes this is buzz words mainly and some very basic features only. IMHO one should not shed any tears over the so called ‘Privacy app’ and GDPR conformity. You and your business could gravely underestimate GDPR and similar regulative requirements if you think plug & play privacy would exist.

Unfortunately, third party evil lobbying at EU level and the usual “Atlantic Culture Gap” of the so called western free world alliance would help neither. Look at the big players of the global IT market and learn how they earn their money from nothing and just the free access to managed privacy.

You need the appropriate education and the appropriate professional skills to cover regulations. Usually, you will have to pay for this by money.

Lucky if you are a home user but be advised that concerning GDPR you may have some responsibilities maybe unknown to you but already in existence.

Naturally, Nextcloud can be adopted and managed to provide good performance for both privacy and security. But this would need professional support and expert’s advice. Your responsibility and your risk only if you think you can cover this alone.

One is free to choose, but one has to pay for lessons learned.

OMG, i only wanted a solution for technical issue and not a school lesson nor a discussion about laws.

Correct. However my British friends and the more internationaly educated German colleagues always smirk if finding a typical German argument like this.

False friends should be avoided if possible.

However, the German introduction of the so called “Handy” (i.e. cellular phone) is well accepted in Germany, gives me no brain, but would make a.m. friends smirk again always.

Nothing more nothing less.

Ne discere cessa

You do not pay for this. It is an open forum and I am free to contribute like you. You are free to ignore my banter anyway.

Please understand I usually do not address a specific person (mainly unknown to me) but a content and/or topic in general and would prefer some transparency.

Furthermore, one could consult the Nextcloud Community Guidelines

Quot capita, tot sensus

@martin.schaible Last not least:

@j-ed gave fair advice and this is a public forum for home users, if I recall correctly.

@martin.schaible Please do not confuse. Your own words:

  1. “i think this against GDPR”

  2. not a school lesson nor a discussion about laws.”

  3. “it’s not allowed to ask questions here? It’s for home users here only?”

Again: this is an open forum. You are welcome and may ask questions at your deliberation.

So as a company it’s not allowed to ask questions here? It’s for home users here only?

You can ask questions but you couldn’t expect to get all requests answered/solved. As usual you’re getting what you’ve paid for :wink: