15.0.4 "Connection Time Out" on new clients

Hi all!

Currently having an issue with a new 15.0.4 server and hoping someone can point me in the right direction for getting it solved.

Basically, clients can’t do a full sync. If they’re pre-seeded with all the data then they’ll sync small changes just fine but if you start with a brand new client and it’ll fail at about 1GBish of the 8-9GB we have in nextcloud. The client freezes and says “Connection timeout”.

I have already updated my Apache config with KeepAlive as per other articles on this forum.

Environment -
Server: Apache 2.4, PHP 7.0.27, NC 15.0.4
Client: Tested multiple up to latest stable

Any assistance or direction would be appreacted


Hi all,

Just letting you know that this is still occurring and wondering if anyone has any ideas? Happy to try anything out to get this sorted