12.0.5 to 13 upgraded twice during a single update

The migration part of the update happened twice with success for both.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. In 12.0.5 switch to beta channel to get 13 update notice and the updater button on the web page
  2. Instead of clicking that button you can now invoke the command line based updater by going into the updater/ directory in the Nextcloud directory and executing the updater.phar as the web server user. sudo -u www-data php updater.phar
  3. The update is in two parts. The first does checks, downloads the new version, etc. This completed successfully
  4. Then is asks - Should the occ-upgrade command be executed and I said Yes
  5. The upgrade completed successfully.
  6. Back to the web page, I change the channel from beta to stable and the page refreshes and goes to the updater page asking me to complete the upgrade. I try and go to any different page and it comes back to the upgrade page.
  7. I do the upgrade via the web page and it completes successfully a second time returning a message Upgrade to 13.0 successful

So, the upgrade portion completed twice. Once via CLI and then the second time via Web. I surmise my mistake was switching to the stable channel to quickly. Perhaps I should have refreshed the page at least once while still in the beta channel before switching to stable.

I clicked around the web page, used the apps and desktop client. All seem to be working well. However, Iā€™m still a bit uneasy with the way this update happened and am seeking reassurance from the devs that all is ok.

So my question is - Is what happened during my upgrade to 13 ok?