11.0.2. Webinterface upload "big" files not possible


I tried to upload serveral “big” files (+300 MB) in the nextcloud web interface, but the upload stops 1 sec before finishing => Internal server error

Nextcloud .htaccess as well as nextcloud user.ini allow uploads of 1024M.

Any idea how to solve this?
Uploads of this bog files using Netdrive and webdav => not working
Nextcloud sync app => working

I`m running nextcloud 11.0.2. on a PHP 7 shared webspace.

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Did you try uploading them all at once (like you selected all files and dragged them into the interface as a single upload)? I think that might be treated as one large file, so if the total size exceeds your limit you will still have that problem.

No each file after each other

How do you have php.ini configured?

memory_limit 756M
max_execution_time 3600
max_input_time 3600
post_max_size 1024M
upload_max_filesize 1024M
opcache.enable on (Standard)

Same for htaccess and user.ini

I think your memory_limit needs to be at least as large as post_max_size. Also check that your other values are set according to this guide, you can use phpinfo to find out all the values.

ervything set as described,
memory_limit is on the max, can higher it (shared webspace), but the file I wanted to upload is less than 756M

In shared webspace, there’s a good chance the problem is outside of your control because they may be using something like nginx for reverse proxy, and the limitation might be somewhere in the provider’s config. I might suggest asking the provider for help with this one.