11.0.2 update, please update documentation or add an error message

I have v11.0.1 (new clean install 3 weeks ago)
I attempted to upgrade to 11.0.2 however when starting the upgrade
the process stops at step 1

Pink box Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:


the upgrade process stops. no extra info on what is wrong or what to do next if offered. .

Okay fair enough, there must something I have setup wrong or need to do.
I read the admin docs for some guidance . Nothing
so here i am - with a Pink list of files but I have no clue on what needs to be done with these.
Appreciate some advice from the community

however, i do feel that some sort of error message that refers you to the appropriate documentation, needs to be added
and that the admin Docs are bit “lite” in this area. i’m happy to help make the docs better.
Rgds Terry

Yeah the listed files are not part of the nextcloud installation but were added by some 3rd party software. You could temporarily move them out of your nc folder, do the upgrade and move them inside again afterwards.

Sadly, i cannot do this most of the files I listed were automatically created by the hosting company (security/anti hacking) and the unix permissions stop me relocating them.

I’ll open ticket with my hosting company and explain the upgrade issue, as Nextcloud is one of their ONECLICK installs. + i doubt I’ll not be the only person with this issue. Lets see how that pans out.

Thanks for reply.

Ah okay, yeah on a shared host there are always some limitations in handling nextcloud.

But you could do the steps that the updater does manually:
0. Put you nextcloud into maintainence mode

  1. Copy the entire nextcloud folder as a backup to another location
  2. Download nextcloud as zip from github
  3. Unzip and replace the nextcloud zip over your old instance
  4. Disable maintainence mode again

I hope there were no files removed from nextcloud server since 10.0.1, otherwise you would see some integrity check errors afterwards about additional files.
You could also do the backup, remove the old nextcloud folder (besides the additional files that you can’t delete) and unzip the download to the old folder name. Then you need to copy back from backup the config.php, in case data folder and missing apps from apps directory to the fresh unzipped nextcloud folder. The apps of course could also be redownloaded via app store, if you did no manual changes to them (info.xml i.e.).

It would be really handy if the NextCloud Updater would give us the option to perform this step for us.

Further Update,
Hosting support asked me to use their own upgrade process, however the Nextcloud process stops with a hacking warning created by their own security files, which is a good thing, as its blocking the changes. (honestly I am smiling at this chicken and egg stituation), Gone back to Hosting Supporrt asking them for an internal solution / process… Yeah, i know i can move the files etc and re-install but that’s not realy helping other folks from having this same issue. So i’ll push them a more to create a better upgrade script. If there is no joy, I’ll be taking Michalngs advice.

Rgds, Terry

Well your (and recommended) to take the option to perform a backup,
But on your point , Are you asking for an automated process to move the files around.
Not sure if good idea to add in pure automation into the process. however if there were a set of questions that to enabled you to customise the “temp” file destination/locations, and then perform the moves (in & out) then it would be a handy feature.

I am not sure about the different permissions/limitations on different shared hosts. So basically you have your subdirectory with nextcloud folder inside and have permissions to write to it, but the files created by 3rd party software need root (admin, whatever) rights to be moved? So in such cases a moreless automated updater would need to backup everything besides these additional found files, remove/replace the nextcloud files inside its folder around these additional files.

As many nextcloud users use shared hosts, I think it is worth the effort to think about integrating such feature into the web ui updater, as it just needs to ignore and leave the additional files in place :stuck_out_tongue:. But actually this should be discussed in a new topic!