1 user -> 1 disk


How to allocate a separate disk for each user in the nextcloud server? (partition on disk)?
Is it even possible?


Not sure about the object storage, if you can create separate buckets for each user, but that’s probably the closest.

For partitions, in theory it is possible (manual partitions, lvm-partitions) but I don’t know a module/app that manages this automatically. Quick & dirty: you can probably write a script to add a new partition for a user and then use the occ command to add a new user to Nextcloud. Best would be to have a nice app.

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The problem has been solved. thanks

For others, it might be interesting how you finally solved this…

I will not explain how to add disks to a Linux system. We create users in nextcloud, nextcloud will create a folder for each user at: /var/www/html/nextcloud/data/name_user_folder (or your installation path if you configure paths manually), and then just mount the drive to each user’s folder.
If we change the main storage folder for nextcloud users, don’t forget to write a new one, the line ‘datadirectory’ => ‘direct_to_data_user’ in config/config.php (do not forget to give access to the folder to the www-data user)

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