1.0.2 doesn't work in NC 18.0.5

Hello all.
Recently I updated my NC to 18.0.5 with Deck 1.0.2 and found owesome improvements.
But when started working I faced several problems.

  1. My attachments are not shown if I select cards. Attachments pad content is empty. The only visible attachments are for the first selected card after page reload therefore to see attachments I have to reload page manually every time.
  2. When I press editing button all controls on the page stop working. In the console I see an error:
    Error: marked(): input parameter is of type [object Object], string expected
  3. When editing a card it’s heading is almost not visible because it’s height is set to 52px in deck.js
    Once this height parameter is removed heading is shown properly.
  4. I can not see comment icons on cards along with attachment icons.

Also it would be great if we have an ability to customize tag styling from big labels with round corners to something more compact.
Thank you!

  1. Maybe related to this bug
  2. You should report this issue so the maintainer knows it.
  3. There is already an issue for this bug
  4. Seems to be related to “pretty urls”

Customization for the tags will mist likely not happen, but the padding has been reduced recently to make them more slim by default for everyone:

Side note: Please always update to the latest version (at time writing this is 1.0.4) to get the latest bug fixes :wink:

Thank you.
Everything works fine since the latest 1.0.4 update.