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Forum App for Nextcloud? (11)
Federated microblogging with ActivityPub API (NC12)? ( 2 ) (23)
Protection versuz deletion for calendar, contact, sms and other infos (1)
Private NC instance and data sharing (4)
Sign in to a third party website with nextcloud account (3)
WordPress Bridge / SSO (4)
Proper OpenID Connect support? (port new app from Owncloud?) (4)
New user registration process (2)
File-related comments and tags in email notification template (7)
Feature request: keep x # of previous versions (2)
Dropbox paper alternative (14)
Option to disable delete notification / choice on desktop client (4)
Map with locations where photos were taken (6)
File Count for Directories (2)
Nextcloud & Wiki-Server in one Login/Installation (4)
Sync a file which is VeraCrypt File Container (1)
How to attach a file to notification email? (2)
PDF editor App for Nextcloud (4)
Sync Latest month worht of photos to PC (2)
Nextcloud URL Shortener (10)
Nextcloud Talk Client (1)
Idea: App for cookbook and/or recipes (3)
Any plans to support m3u playlists in android app? (2)
Copy link to a folder on mac app (1)
Would an app integration with a flat file wiki like DokuWiki make sense? (2)
Email automation comparable to MixMax, Gmelius, CloudHQ etc (3)
Cloud managed Database/Spreadsheet hybrid similar to Airtable (1)
Idea: implement OpenCV (7)
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Nextcloud as mediaserver? (11)