announcementcenter user_sql Discuss the <a href="">SQL user authentication app here!</a> apporder This category is for the <a href="">app order</a> application. keeporsweep This is where you can discuss the <a href="">keeporsweep</a> app! impersonate <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> mood <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> orcid <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> fbsync This is the category to discuss the <a href="">FBsync</a> app, a Facebook data syncing tool for your Nextcloud contacts. files-reader <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> sharerenamer issuetemplate Here you can discuss our <a href="">Issue template app.</a> gluusso This is the app for the <a href="">SSO/openID connector app for gluu</a> - discuss!<br> audioplayer bruteforcesettings The place to discuss the <a href="">Brute Force settings app.</a><br> defaultgroup Here you can discuss the <a href="">defaultgroup app.</a> initialcheck Here you can discuss the <a href="">initialcheck</a> app! drop-account This is a category to discuss the <a href="">user account deletion app</a>! files_inotify This is the category for the cool <a href="">INotify file watcher</a> app. Be sure to check ou the <a href="">README</a> before you ask questions. drawio This is the category to discuss the <a href=""> app!</a> ownpad This is where you can discuss the <a href="">ownpad app.</a> end-to-end-encryption This category is to discuss the E2E encryption and <a href="">E2E encryption app</a>. telephoneprovider <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> ocsms Here you can <a href="">discuss the ocsms/Phone Sync app.</a> keeweb Here you can discuss the <a href="">keeweb Keepass store integration app.</a> gpxpod Here you can <a href="">discuss the GPXPod app</a> registration <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> tasks Discuss the cool <a href="">tasks app here.</a> sensorlogger This is where you can discuss <a href="">the Sensor Logger app!</a> githubmergetracker Discuss the <a href="">github merge tracker app here.</a> recommendation-assistant In this category you can discuss the recommendation assistant which uses a Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Technique to recommend files that you might want to work on, based on activity on the files by you and colleagues/team mates. weather You can discuss the <a href="">Weather app here.</a> appvncsafe This is the <a href="">appvncsafe category!</a> rainloop This is where you can discuss <a href="">the rainloop integration app!</a> spreedme Fully integrated Audio/Video conferencing system for Nextcloud using WebRTC admin_notifications Here you can discuss the <a href="">admin notifications app.</a> twofactor_u2f Discuss the <a href="">Two Factor for u2f devices app here.</a> zenodo <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> ojsxc This is where you can discuss the <a href="">XMPP chat app, ojsxc.</a> ownbackup ocr direct_menu This category is for the <a href="">direct_menu app.</a> twofactor_totp sharepoint <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> files_opds You are cordially invited to discuss the <a href="">OPDS catalog app here!</a> files-snapshots <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> beame_insta_ssl This is where you can discuss the <a href="">beame-insta-ssl app!</a> documents Here you can discuss the <a href="">Documents app</a>. socialsharing Here we discuss the social sharing apps: ransomware-protection <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> files_downloadactivity This is the category to ask questions about the <a href="">Activities for shared file downloads</a> app! metadata <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> files-retention To discuss <a href=""></a> ocdownloader This is where we discuss the <a href="">ocDownloader app!</a><br> files_rightclick here we discuss the <a href="">files_rightclick</a> app!<br> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"> </a> user_backend_sql_raw Here we discuss the <a href="">user backend sql</a>. music <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> circles Circles allows your users to create their own groups of users/colleagues/friends. Those groups of users (or circles) can then be used by any other app for sharing purpose (files, social feed, status update, messaging, ...). phonetrack This category is to discuss the <a href="">PhoneTrack</a> app!<br> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"> </a> passman Passman is a <a href="">password manager for Nextcloud</a> maintained by <a class="mention" href="/users/brantje">@brantje</a> activitylog This is the category for the Activity Log app:<br><a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> files-clipboard This category is to discuss the <a href="">Files Clipboard app!</a> dashboard mail workin2gether Pseudo multiaccess-management feature for Owncloud/Nextcloud. You can lock files and disable the fileactions, leaving only the file action of unlocking a file. Please leave your feedback and rate this app, if you like it! ransomware-detection This is to discuss the <a href="">Ransomware Detection App</a>. quota-warning <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> previewgenerator This is the category to discuss the <a href="">preview generator app.</a> piwik Here you can discuss the <a href="">piwik integration app for Nextcloud</a>. files_fullnextsearch <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> radio This is the category for <a href="">the Radio app!!</a> filelink This category is to discuss <a href="">filelink (on github)</a>, a Thunderbird extension which makes it easy to send large attachments with Thunderbird by uploading them first to a Nextcloud server and by then inserting the link into the body of your email. flowupload Here we discuss the <a href="">flowupload</a> app which lets you upload large files with resume/pause etc abilities.<br> zimbradrive <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> polls This is the category to discuss the <a href="">polls app</a>! social fulltextsearch Please create a new thread if you have any question and report bugs at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> user-saml <a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a><br> files-accesscontrol This is the <a href="">Files Access Control app</a> category. cms-pico Here you can discuss the <a href="">Pico CMS app</a> which lets you manage a simple website from within Nextcloud using Markdown files. checksum Here you can discuss the <a href="">checksum app!</a> qownnotesapi This is the <a href="">QownNotesAPI app category</a>, discuss away! fullnextsearch_elasticsearch This category exists to discuss <a href=""></a> news Files_Antivirus deck This is where you can discuss the <a href="">awesome Deck Kanban app!</a> contacts external This is the <a href="">External Sites category.</a><br> files_markdown This is where you can discuss the <a href="">Markdown app!</a> files_external_sia This category is to discuss the very cool <a href="">Sia external storage app</a>! groupfolders A topic for discussing the <a href="">Group Folders app</a>. bookmarks This is the Bookmarks category! onlyoffice This is where you can discuss the <a href="">OnlyOffice Nextcloud integration app.</a> files-automatedtagging An app for Nextcloud that automatically assigns tags to newly uploaded files based on some conditions.<br><a href="" class="onebox" target="_blank"></a> passwords This is where you can ask questions and discuss the <a href="">passwords</a> app! calendar
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